Greg Climer is pushing the boundaries of fashion by quite literally turning clothing into film. Designer and faculty member at Parsons School of Design, Climer has birthed the revolutionary idea of creating scarves that are also film reels. With the help of a New Jersey knitting factory, Climer learned to convert film stills into knit creations with each stitch accounting for a pixel of a frame. Per Fast Company, Climer "reduced the size of the frame to the size of the knitting bed, so there were as many pixels as there were stitches. The looms can use up to four colors of yarn, so Climer compressed the colors of his film down to four."  

After about a year and a half of work, Climer has so far created one test reel that is approximately as long as a block in New York City and 19 seconds long. Currently, he is working on writing a short film that will eventually be turned into a scarf. Watch this clip to see the test reel scarf that debuted at Bushwick Open Studios festival earlier this June.

Knitted Film test shot from G.J.Climer on Vimeo.

h/t Fast Co. Design

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