It's CMJ week, so please be careful not to trip over any buzz bands while you go about your day. After careful examination, we have determined that of the 100,000,000 acts will be playing the CMJ Music Marathon, these are the ones with the best names. We can't speak to the quality of their music (we tried to listen to all of the new bands and ran out of time around the Fs), and clearly it would be difficult for mere music to live up to the grandiosity of a name like The Harmonica Lewinskies (pictured above), but we applaud the creativity on display here. Should you simply have to know what Milk Dick and Hot Panda sound like, schedules are available here.

'Nuff Said

Animal Reporters

Band Without Hands


Captain Baby

Clean Cut Kid

Cool Ghouls

Cousin Earth

Fat Heaven



Girls With Brown Hair

Gramma's Boyfriend


Ham Sandwich

Hockey Dad

Hot Panda

Human People

Jesus On The Mainline

Mail The Horse

Manic Pixi

Milk DIck

My Bubba

My Left Tit

Narc Twain



Surf Rock Is Dead


The Harmonica Lewinskies

The Henry Millers

Uncle Frank


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