Celebrities from every scale of the alphabet are flocking to, or already posting up in the Indio Valley for weekend 1 of the year's most phosphorescent hell-beacon, Coachella.

Despite most of these notable millionaires finding lucrative reasons to make their presence at the festival known, some actually do take in the vibes, man.

Some disregard their magnetic pull of cell phone videos and photos, media flashes and gawking faux-hemians, and dance to the assorted high and medium profile music acts like everyone and no one is watching.

Be it gangly limb movement or sultry grinds, we could all afford (well, kind of) to emulate these six celebrities awkwardly vibe-dancing at Coachella.

Which are you?

Which Awkwardly Dancing Coachella Celebrity Are You?
What's your go-to move on the dancefloor?
What is your go-to Coachella outfit?
Who's your favorite dance partner?
Which Coachella set are you camping out in the front of the stage for?
Where are you staying at Coachella?
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