How to Support Protesters in Every City

How to Support Protesters in Every City

By Jael Goldfine and Taylor Champlin

In the past three week, protests demanding justice for Black victims of the police have swept the country, breaking out in over 75 cities. They were initially triggered by George Floyd's violent death in police custody in Minneapolis. However, they've unleashed outrage over a series of tragedies, including the death of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, when he was shot by two white men who walked free for months; Breonna Taylor, who was shot in her home in Louisville, Kentucky by police on a botched raid; and Tony McDade, a Black trans man killed by police in Tallahassee, Florida.

From Ohio to Colorado to Minnesota to New York, protesters are calling for criminal punishments for involved cops and voicing their outrage at decades of state-sanctioned violence against Black people. Demonstrators have been met with tear gas and rubber bullets and hundreds have been arrested around the country. Community groups are teaming up to care for those injured or jailed as a result of the protests, and supporting families of the victims.

Here's where you can donate or find ways to help out in every city.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • George Floyd's siblings Philonise and Bridgett are raising funds for funeral and burial expenses, as well as to support his daughter Gianna. Donate to their GoFundMe's here and here.
  • The Minnesota Freedom Fund is bailing out protesters arrested in the demonstrations. Donate here.
    • MFF is also encouraging people to call on District Attorney Mike Freeman and Minnesota Mayor Jacob Frey to demand the release of people detained for protesting.
  • The Black Visions Collective Movement and Legal Fund, a Black, trans and queer-led organization, is helping lead the protests and advocating to defund the police in Minnesota. Donate here.
  • Northstar Health Collective, a mutual aid group of organizers and street medics, is providing healthcare and other resources to activists and organizers on the ground. Donate here.
  • Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en La Lucha, a Minneapolis worker's center, is taking donations of food and money to support organizers and helping pressure local government. Donate here.
  • Reclaim the Block, a Minnesota org that lobbies for defunding the police and re-routing funds to affordable housing, health, violence prevention, civil right and renter protections. Donate here.
  • The Twin Cities Recovery Project has been holding grief and trauma groups which are peer run and connected to licensed therapists. To help fundraise for community support, donate here.
  • Colin Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Camp has established a legal defense initiative to provide legal services for protesters on the ground in Minneapolis. Donate here.
  • Twitter user @SaintFadumo has created a thread of Venmos and CashApps for frontline protesters in need of protective gear. Read and donate here.

Louisville, Kentucky

  • Black Lives Matter Louisville is asking for donations to the Louisville Community Bail Fund to help bail out protesters. Donate here.

New York City

  • The Brooklyn Community Bail Fund is bailing out protesters and pressuring governor Cuomo to take action on defunding New York City police. Donate here.
  • Free Them All For Public Health is raising money for protesters arrested in New York via Venmo. Venmo @BailOutNYCMay. NOTE: A false Venmo @BailOutNYCMayH is circulating, report and avoid it.

Atlanta, Georgia

  • The Atlanta Solidarity Fund is raising money to supporting and bailing out protesters. Donate here.

Chicago, Illinois

  • The Chicago Community Bond Fund is bailing out protesters. Donate here.
  • Black Lives Matter Chicago is supporting activists on the ground. Donate here.
  • Assata's Daughters is a Black-led group of abolitionists and organizers active in the protests on Chicago's South Side. Donate here.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • The Philadelphia Bail Fund is providing direct assistance and bail funds to protesters. Donate here.
  • Philadelphia Community Bail Fund is bailing out protesters. Donate here.
  • Black Lives Matter Philly is organizing actions and advocating to defund police. Donate here.
  • Project Safe Philly is a mutual aid/harm reduction group for women, trans and queer people based in Philly that's offering medical and emotional care for protesters (in- hospital, before or after incarceration). Call their hotline at 866-509-7233 (ext 8) and donate here.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylania

  • Bukit Bail Fund of Pittsburgh is bailing out protesters. Donate here.

Baltimore, Maryland

  • Baltimore Action Legal Team (BALT) is bailing out and providing legal support to protesters. Donate here.

Boston, Massachusetts 

  • The Massachusetts Bail Fund is bailing out protesters in the Boston area. Donate here.

Las Vegas, Nevada 

  • Vegas Freedom Fund is bailing out protesters. Donate here.

Columbus, Ohio

  • The Columbus Freedom Fund is bailing out people arrested for protesting. Donate here.

Denver, Colorado

  • The Colorado Freedom Fund is bailing out people arrested in the Denver demonstrations. Donate here.

Madison, Wisconsin

  • Free the 350 is bailing out protesters. Donate here.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Milwaukee Freedom Fund is bailing out protesters, and have created a list of additional Milwaukee organizations to support. Donate here.

Omaha, Nebraska

  • Neighbors for Common Good has organized a bail fund for protesters. Donate here.

Durham, North Carolina

  • NC Community Bail Fund of Durham is bailing out protesters. Donate here.
  • Charlotte Uprising is operating a jail support hotline and has created a bail fund. Find the hotline here and donate here.

Memphis, Tennessee

  • Just City Memphis is posting bail for protesters, in addition to their regular bail-out schedule. Donate here.

Nashville, Tennessee

  • Nashville Community Bail Fund is ready on stand-by to provide bail for protesters. Donate here.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • The Hamilton County Bail Fund is bailing out protesters. Donate here.

New Orleans, Louisiana

  • The New Orleans Freedom Fund is helping bail out protesters arrested in demonstrations. Donate here

Los Angeles, California

NOTE: During the pandemic, California adopted an Emergency Zero Bail Schedule, setting bail at $0 for most misdemeanors and low-level felony offenses. The National Bail Fund Network is monitoring if the state will be faithful to the emergency measure in light of the protests.

  • Peoples City Council Freedom Fund is providing legal support, medical bills, transportation, supplies and and protective gear to protesters. Donate here.
  • Los Angeles Black Lives Matter chapter is supporting organizers and fighting to adopt a "People's Budget" that reallocates police funding to vulnerable communities. Donate here.
  • The Orange County Bail Fund is helping pay bonds for protesters in Orange County Donate here.

San Francisco and Oakland, California

  • Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee Bail Fund is supporting protesters and working with the National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Chapter to run an arrest hotline: (415) 285-101. Donate here.
  • The People's Program is helping to bail out protesters in Oakland. Donate here.

Sacramento, California

  • NorCal Resist is helping provide bail funds for arrested protesters. Donate here.

San Jose, California

  • The Silicon Valley DSA is helping to bail out protesters. Donate here.

San Diego, California

  • The DeDe McClure Memorial Community Fund is donating funds to free arrested protesters. Donate here.

Seattle, Washington

  • The Northwest Community Bail Fund is bailing out protesters. Donate here.

Portland, Oregon

  • The Portland Freedom Fund is providing bail and action for protesters. Donate here with a note stating it go towards the Freedom Fund.
  • The PDX Protest Bail Fund is fundraising to bail out protesters. Donate here.

Des Moines, Iowa

  • The Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project is bailing out protesters. Donate here.

Phoenix, Arizona

  • Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro as well as Black Phoenix Organizing Collective are supporting Black People's Justice Fund to bail out protesters. Donate here.

Tucson, Arizona

  • Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund is bailing out protesters here.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

  • Dauphin Community Bail Fund is working to bail out protesters. Donate here.

Indianapolis, Indiana

  • BLM Indy is organizing protests and calling for donations to The Bail Project. Support organizers here and donate to the bail fund here.

Birmingham, Alabama

  • Birmingham Democratic Socialists of America, along with local organizer Starr Rob have set up a No One Left Behind Fund to bail out protesters. Venmo @Starrobb and CashApp: $Starrobb.

Montgomery, Alabama

  • The Montgomery Bail Out Fund is committed to posting bail for protesters. Donate here.

Rockford, Illionis

  • The 815 Mutual Aid Network as well as the Winnebago Bond Project are coordinating bail support for protesters. Donate here.

Kansas City, Missouri

  • Kansas City Community Bail Fund is supporting protesters and posting bail. Donate here.
  • The KC Bail Fund has been created specifically to help protesters. Donate here.

South Florida

  • The LGBTQ Freedom Fund is dedicating their bail support to protesters, and have started an arrest hotline at 305-209-7380. Donate here.

Dallas, Texas

  • Faith In Texas, a multi-racial, multi-faith grassroots movement of Texans working for economic, racial, and social justice is bailing out protesters. Donate here.
  • The Texas Organizing Project is working to bail out protesters in Harris, Dallas, and Bexar counties. Donate here.

El Paso, Texas

  • The Fianza Fund, an immigration bail fund, is currently raising bail funds for protesters. Donate here.

Cincinnati, Ohio

  • The ACLU of Ohio is directing people to the Cincinnati Bail Fund via a local church: Donate here and select "Cincinnati Bail Fund" as the purpose for your donation.

Richmond, Virginia

  • @RVABailFund is bailing out those arrested for protesting. Donate here.


  • The Connecticut Bail Fund is bailing out protesters. Donate here.


  • Hawaii Community Bail Fund is posting bail for protesters across the state. Donate here.


  • Unicorn Riot is a non-profit media organization dedicated to fair, on-the-ground reporting on civil disobedience, police brutality and white supremacy. Donate here.
  • The Bail Project works nationally, including several cities where protests are taking place, including Los Angeles, Louisville, and New York City. Donate here.
  • Black News Channel is raising money to post bail for those being arrested in Minnesota, Los Angeles and elsewhere. Reach out to them at:

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