What's Wrong With This Picture?

How is it possible that the fashion world continues to enable (if not encourage by its silence) its star designers to exclude people of color on the runways and in their ad campaigns? These shows are looked at by zillions of people, and along the way set the example for companies and fashion magazines all over the world. IT IS SHOCKING AND REALLY MAKES ME CRAZY. What's wrong with everybody? Look around. Do you only see white women in the stores shopping? Do you only see white women on the streets looking good?

I could show you tons of other examples, but above you can see the entire casting for the last Jil Sander show as an example of what I'm talking about. Here are photos of EVERY MODEL that walked the runway in the show last week in Milan. Need I say more? Can the talented designer Raf Simmons really not see how hurtful this kind of casting is? Why isn't anyone but Bethann Hardison talking about this????

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