What's the Matter With Cara Delevingne?

by Elizabeth Thompson

Cara Delevingne's sheer expressiveness as a model is pretty much unmatched by her peers. True, dem brows do about 30% of the heavy lifting, but when you're able to effectively steal the spotlight from Kim Kardashian (and possibly her soul) on the cover of LOVE just by sticking your tongue out, that's saying something. Delevingne has dipped into acting on the side as of late, including a role in the upcoming film Paper Towns, and her latest endeavor includes a role in Chance the Rapper's new video for "Nothing Came to Me" off his upcoming Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment album, Surf.  The clip above is a teaser for the actual forthcoming video, and it's unclear what's eating at Ms. D in this clip, but it's striking none the less. Watch as Delevigne goes through a range of emotions as mournful trumpet wafts in the background.
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