When two brands come together that have each so successfully permeated the cultural conscious, both distinguishing themselves as so distinctly Americana, it's always going to be big. After Vetements' highly commendable collab with Levis, the orange-tabbed denim manufacturer worn for better or worse by every human female at Coachella, including these jeans, premiere streetwear label Supreme jumped into bed with Levis for a brand new collection.

Here we go!

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With all the practicality of Levis denim coupled with the "Supreme" logo down the limbs to make all your friends jealous, no doubt hypebeasts will snap this drop right up on May 11th. Not to mention the jacket has a built in hood, which is particularly handy for people who like the aesthetic of hoodies under things but don't want to actually wear one.

Comfortable cool my friends, what more could a gal want?

[h/t XXL Mag]
Images courtesy of Supreme.

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