Last night's victory for Donald Trump was a devastating proof that our country is based as much on hatred, sexism, racism, homophobia, and violence as it is on the unity, acceptance, and love preached by the Obama campaign for the last 8 years. It was a reminder that if a straight cisgender man is rich enough and white enough, he can get whatever he wants even if he has no business demanding it.

Whether that be a woman's body or the office of President of the United States. It is especially scary for members of the communities that Trump and his supporters- a former KKK member among them- have publicly denounced, and it is easy to feel completely hopeless right now.

But, the last few years have also been a time of tremendous creative, socially progressive output. We have gathered a few of our favorite pop culture moments from the recent past- music and writing and film that makes us feel love and acceptance, that boldly explores the fallacies of the "American Dream" that Trump so staunchly clings to, and that also allows us space to be mad and sad and angry right now.

Obviously, we are just skimming the surface here, but we are excited to share this list, and to celebrate the incredible that people of color, women, members of the LGBT community, and immigrants have made, while we begin to understand the amount that still needs to be done ton convince huge numbers of Americans of our worth.


Solange Knowles's A Seat At The Table

Beyonce's Lemonade and this accompanying Lemonade syllabus

William Basinski's Disintegration Loops series

Frank Ocean's Endless, Blonde, and his accompanying zine

BuzzFeed'sBlack History Month Soundtrack

Angel Olsen's My Woman

Kendrick Lamar's untitled unmastered and literally every performance he does. Ever.

Chance the Rapper's mixtape, Coloring Book.

Blood Orange's Freetown Sound and its amazing visuals...

The intertwined music and activism of Downtown Boys


Ta-Nehisi Coates' Between The World and Me

"I Want A Dyke For President" by Zoe Leonard

Roxane Gay's bibliography, of course, and her truly amazing social media presence

The website Muslim Girl

The work of DarkMatter

The powerful letter written by Emily Doe, addressed to her sexual assailant, former Stanford student Brock Turner

The work of the women behind Black Lives Matter

The 2 Dope Queens podcast

A Bollywood Madonna cover artist and everything she represents

Another Round podcast on how to be a better ally

Heben Nigatu on how to take a compliment

Nayyirah Waheed's salt.

Jenny Zhang. In all forms.

Jia Tolentino's Interview With a Woman Who Recently Had an Abortion at 32 Weeks

Christine Friar on the importance of Rilo Kiley

The Racist and Sexist History of Keeping Birth Control Side Effects Secret

Durga Chew-Bose's How I Learned to Stop Erasing Myself


Bomba Estéreo's " Soy Yo" music video

Shabazz Palaces' " Belhaven Meridian" music video

Mykki Blanco's "High School Never Ends" music video

Mitski's "Happy" music video

Princess Nokia's " Brujas" music video

Ali Wong's Baby Cobra Netflix special

FX"s Atlanta

HBO's Insecure

Jane the Virgin

Master of None



Trump can't stop the magic.

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