I'm confounded. Puzzled. Confused. Perplexed. Bemused. Baffled. Flummoxed. Perplexed. Mystified and other synonyms re: this video of Kim Kardashian making a celebratory salad.

Now we were all under the impression that post-Paris Kim Kardashian was gunning for an image overhaul. She stopped posting on social media. She wore more tracksuits. She started posting 35mm film photos on social media. She only posts 35mm film photos on social media. She doesn't take selfies anymore. Then this happened.

I can only imagine the Monday morning marketing meeting went a little like this.

Marketing person: Ok guys so Carine is about to reach a million followers on IG, so why not have Kim Kardashian make something for her to like, celebrate.

Marketing person: Like bake?

Marketing person:
I mean, I would say bake like a celebratory cake or something, but can you see Kim Kardashian possessing the required sugar and butter, etc. to make a cake? It's pretty implausible.

Marketing person: Right. She could make a salad?

Marketing person: Yeah, let's have her make a salad, but like, sexy.

Marketing person: Right, yeah, that way she can lick dressing, but like, sexy.

Marketing person: Nice, yeah, then we shower her in spinach, but like, sexy.

Carine: Oui, c'est bon.

Marketing person: Playing Lil Wayne's 2008 smash hit 'A Milli' in the background.

Carine: Parfait.

Me: Turned out pretty great guys!

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