Ugh, Halloween. The one time of the year when common decency and sensitivity are consistently at an all-time low. And, unfortunately, online mega-retailer has gotten quite the head start this year with the introduction of a new, SMH-worthy range of costumes inspired by the Ghostbusters reboot.

Because obviously, in honor of the kick-ass, all-female Ghostbusters, you have to introduce a line of ill-fitting costumes where women are only pictured wearing uglyass Pilgrim booties. Despite the fact that no one wants to hunt ghosts in a pair of fucking heels.

And while lazily designed and ill-fitting costumes for women are annoying, what we find especially egregious is one of the accessories they created for Leslie Jones's character, Patty Tolan. Specifically the wig they are currently peddling for her, which you can see below in all its awfulness.

How in the ever-living fuck is this sold out already? As if all the racist abuse Leslie Jones has had to endure for simply appearing in this movie wasn't bad enough, you've got the gall to create a caricature-like wig in the midst of a huge discussion about the complicated politics of black hair?

Because even in the scope of tone deaf halloween costumes, this is beyond gross.

[h/t Fusion]

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