What the F*shion Takes On Streetwear, F*eminism

by Elizabeth Thompson

It's no secret that we're big fans of VFiles and their smartly framed video content, especially Casey Jane Ellison's "WHAT THE F*SHION," which is genius for its ability to lovingly send-up the kind of gloriously cursory fashion coverage that breeds in the gutters of Tumblr. And self-awareness and fashion are so rarely budz, riiight you guys?  In this edition of "What the Fashion," Ellison takes on streetwear, which she describes as "the hottest proliferation of subculture that I'm currently unaware of." And it just gets better from there. The video also ends with a trill ratchet Kreayshawnese jam, called "Equality" about the lack of "f*minism" in streetwear. Watch above.

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