Since her traumatizing robbery in Paris in October, Kim Kardashian has abandoned social media entirely--her 140-character thoughts are not tweeted, her chats go unsnapped, her Instagram account lies fallow, memorializing a happier time. But while Kim herself might be keeping off the 'gram, the Kardashian brand moves ever onward. On Tuesday, a verified Kimoji account popped up on Instagram and began posting.

The account has so far posted a mystifying series of videos of anonymous women twerking in underwear, and photos of a pair of breasts resting on another person's butt, all in front of a Christmas tree. The videos are somewhat blurry, and all shot in front of a Christmas

All the posts are captioned with simply "DECEMBER 16." Obviously something is coming tomorrow, but what exactly remains a mystery. Perhaps a line of the featured underwear? New Kimojis? The return of KKW to the social media universe she has left dark? Your guess is as good as ours.

[h/t Cosmopolitan]

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