You don't become a visionary, endlessly inventive and transcendent artist just sitting around waiting for it to happen. The clever site "What Did David Bowie Do At Your Age" chronicles the dizzying productivity of the prolific artist, who passed away last night at the age of 69, via a generator that tracks Bowie's creative triumphs via the age he was when he accomplished them. And brace for a hot flash of shame, you lazy bastard -- while you were still agonizing over your MySpace top 8, Bowie had already left indelible marks on music, fashion and queerness.

"What Did David Bowie Do At Your Age" is running a little slow today likely due to a crush of traffic, and was created by Duy Nguyen and Joakim Tønnesen. It started making the rounds online last spring and again last week, timed to Bowie's birthday. A mission statement on the site reads "This page is to celebrate David Bowie, and remind us to get out of our comfort zone and start doing shit."

Here here.

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