Well I almost lost my mind last night when I watched Harry, the pepper  Dandie take fourth place in the Terrier Group at Westminster Dog show at Madison Square Garden. And he was adorable. (His real name is Hobergays Fineus Fogg!!!) I am a Dandie Dinmont freak and have grown up with these wonderful dogs in my life. Now I have my current  lovely Romeo Dandie who is a sweetheart and I adore.  I am actually turning into a Dandie "activist" because sadly the breed is supposedly dying off. There were only 80 Dandies born in the USA last year and the experts are very worried the breed will become extinct soon. Therefore I am on a new mission to give the wonderful Dandie Dinmont Terrier tons of PU-BLI-CI-TAY as Mr. Mickey would say. Here is a picture of Harry who won last night as compared with my scruffy Romeo fast asleep and shameless on the couch in my office.  Plus here is an amazing painting that the artist Scott Lifshutz created of Romeo!!


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