Turns out the twee wonderland that served as the namesake for Wes Anderson's 2014 much-loved film The Grand Budapest Hotel has it's very own TripAdvisor page -- you know, despite being a fictitious institution in a fictitious country and all.

Rumored to be a lingering promotional stunt from the movie's DVD release that just never got deleted (lol), there are currently almost 300 reviews from users across the globe who have helped name the spot the #1 (of 1) hotel in the Republic of Zubrowka with 4.5 stars. However, seeing as how the review touch on everything from the lodgings to the service to, uh, the plot of the movie itself, we'd advise not visiting the page unless you're actively searching for spoilers -- which is kind of counter-intuitive for a reviews site, but you know, it's a ~quirky~ idea in theory, or whatever, right?

After all, who needs Rotten Tomatoes when you've got the all-encompassing TripAdvisor to tell you whether the Courtesan au Chocolats (or the geriatric services of M. Gustave) were actually any good? Peep the reviews here and see if it's worth another visit to Zubrowka this weekend.

[h/t Independent]

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