Typically, our de-facto mood during the holiday season is a lovely combination of depression, wine hangover grouch and deep-set anxiety stemming from perceived inadequacies. And, weirdly enough, the only thing that seems to soothe our existential angst is observing the tepid holiday cheer of other people. Bonus points if it's filtered through the Internet. Hence, our early gift to you: an archive of vintage photos named "43 Interesting Vintage Snapshots Captured Middle-Aged Women Posing Next To Christmas Trees from the 1950s-60s," (deep breath) which is the handiwork of our new obsession, "Vintage Everyday." Filled to the brim with tinseled trees, terrible use of flash and too much tulle, it goes without saying that we're obsessed -- so check out a few of our favorite poodle skirt queens below...

...and then make sure to check out the entire archive for other overly descriptive gems like this and this.

[h/t Vintage Everyday]

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