Some people love Atlanta weirdo rapper Lil Yachty's woozy style, some people aren't convinced. One surprising detractor? Pop culture curio Shia LaBeouf, who shaded Yachty and Drake in his confoundingly amazing freestyle on Sway In The Morning, saying "Where'd the spitters go? / Garbage litter shit they roll / Miss me with that Little Boat."

Well, apparently Yachty's having none of it. He turned up on Ebro in the Morning to strike back with a freestyle of his own, calling out the actor and making possibly the first ever Even Stevens reference in hip-hop history:

I grew up watching Even Stevens / Now Steven ain't nearly as even / But I wanna thank you for that entertainment that evening / We all laughed at you / Because we all know you wouldn't say that if you saw me on the avenue.
We all know you're not built for this shit / I was taught, "Don't you dare buck if you can't back up your shit" / Every time I wake up someone new is back on my dick / I used to get baffled, now I sit back and laugh at a bitch / Man, I'm fuckin' rich as hell, I can't get mad at this shit.

Shots fired. We can only hope this tension boils over into a truly surreal freestyle battle.

Watch Yachty's entire freestyle below...

[h/t Highsnobiety]

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