Wear & Tear: Getting Ready with Glynnis McDaris & Nicole Lombardi

Welcome to the first episode of Wear & Tear, a new show on PAPER TV hosted by me!! Each show will feature girls getting ready for a night on the town... before a party, an art opening, a dinner, a benefit, a gala, what-have-ya's. On any given New York night, there's always something fun to do, which is why we love this town so much! The legendary Diana Vreeland once said, "There is no such thing as unconscious dressing." I'll have to agree with her wholeheartedly! Even if your modus operandi is "casual" or "sporty," there's a reason why you put on those drawstrings and the windbreaker.

I recently checked in on my friends, photographer Glynnis McDaris and musician Nicole Lombardi, to see what kind of fashion mood they were in for the opening night of Glynnis's show "Rising and Falling Forever" at Fake Estate Gallery. Unfortunately the show is over already -- but it was really great! You can take a peek at her beautiful photos right here and on her web site!

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