We just heard that the late Geoffrey Beenes longtime assistant Einar Holilokk has left the Geoffrey Beene Company. Einar was handed the design baton by Mr. Beene when he'd become too sick to work and continued to design the custom/couture collection after his death in 2004. It makes us so sad to hear this. Einar did a great job at keeping Beenes spirit alive but it just wasn't enough to keep the custom business afloat. It's so difficult to keep a label alive when a designer passes on. But it is possible. The French have done it. Look at Chanel. Balenciaga. Lanvin. Beene, (seen here in 1976!) who I knew quite well, was such a visionary. I think he'd be sad if the company just turned into a big shirt and tie manufacturer. I hope someday the Beene name can be revived, modernized and brought back to life as an important American fashion brand. If the powers that be there are open to it, they should search for  a huge talent to take over the design of the label and move it into the present rather than living in the past. They shouldn't find someone to emulate the master (Beene) but rather find someone with a powerful vision of their own that isnt antithetical to the Beene aesthetic. How about hiring the brilliant Isabel Toledo to design for the House of Geoffrey Beene. That would be an incredible choice. (Beene loved American design and admired Toledos work greatly and vice versa!)  Time will tell.


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