"We Have Passion and We Believe In Ourselves:" More With the Wonder Girls From Our Beautiful People Issue

K-Pop super group the Wonder Girls were included in our 2011 Beautiful People issue (on stands now), but we thought these photos and extra quotes from Alex Littlefield's profile on the group were just too fabulous not to share. Read on for more Wonder Girl wisdom from members Yenni and Yubin about making it in the U.S. and what it takes to be one of them.

What it takes to be a Wonder Girl.

We believe that everyone can be a Wonder Girl; if you believe in yourself and really dream about something.  It's not like we have super powers, or a super talented or super beautiful, super pretty, but we have passion and we believe in ourselves." --Yenny

On 'starting over' in the U.S.:Before we [came to New York], we knew it would be starting all over again. It was fun.  In Korea, people would be like, 'What do you need?  What do you want?' -- all the time.  But here we have to find what we need.  I feel a little bit more freedom." --Yenny

How that motivates them:
"In Korea, we loved to make music, but here we really, really realized that we want to pursue our career.  And that's really thanks to fans who want to support us." --Yubin

On fame:
"The first few years [in the group] were a little hard, for all of us. We were really young and really busy, and we felt like we were maybe missing something, as [in] a teenager life ... Life just changed; it totally changed. We were students, teenage girls, and suddenly we were singers." --Yubin

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