Swedish teen rap sensation and leader of the Sad Boys crew, Yung Lean, has been seducing the dark corners of the weirdo Internet hip-hop scene for a little while now and today he's given the web another gem in the form of his new video, "Bathtub." In the autotune-heavy, funked out song, Lean's voice is a peculiar mix of his Swedish accent and Dirty South rap god mimicry that vaguely sounds like he's speaking with a Caribbean patois, and the accompanying clip is equally as WTF. Ostensibly recorded with a smartphone, the entirety of the 2 minutes and 25 seconds video is one long shot of the rapper smoking a blunt in a van filled with other teens. You'll notice that even as he smokes a fattie and raps about THC, he's still got his seat belt on because safety first.

In the words of PAPER's Elizabeth Thompson, "Justin Bieber WISHES he could be this so badly." Dream on, Biebs.

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