There's really too much dark shit going on in this world for you not to take the time to watch this footage of SZA covering Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" at a concert in Toronto. It's called self-care, people!

This love-fest between 2017's two most deeply beloved faves began when Cardi B did a little remix of SZA's track about sharing the man you love with other women, "The Weekend." The original chorus is "My man is my man is your man /
Her, this her man too," but Cardi had an entirely different approach to the topic...

Last night, SZA returned the favor, leading the crowd at the Toronto stop of her CTRL Tour in a cover of Cardi's mega-hit "Bodak Yellow" while dancing and jumping all over the stage. It is truly a thing of joy, and Cardi certainly agrees. She reposted the video to her Instagram with the caption, "Yaaaaaaaaaassss!!!!! This got me dumb hype .Thanks @sza your sooo book and humble." We can only hope that these two link up for a collaboration because we deserve to have nice things.

Watch SZA cover "Bodak Yellow" below...

Splash image via Getty

[h/t Billboard]