Young Thug aka No, My Name Is Jeffery aka Millennial Bowie aka The Hero We Deserve set the internet ablaze last week with his absolutely perfect new mixtape, JEFFERY. Musically, it's the best thing he's made since Barter 6, but the thing that really has people wearing out their heart-eyes emoji is the album's cover, in which Young Jeff dons a Japanese-inspired gown by avant-garde Italian designer Alessandro Tricone.

Stylistically, it's the best look he's created since his leopard print neck pillow / wheelchair / Nilla wafers airport ensemble...

In the latest episode of V Files' What Rox, you can bear witness to the exact moment that Thugger laid eyes on the look that launched a thousand Mortal Kombat memes... PLUS you can see Thugger and his adorable fiancée Jerrika give Roxy some stunningly bad advice on how to give a guy the message that you're not into him. It involves a threesome.

While we're on the topic, can we please have a Jeff/Jerrika Newlyweds?

Splash image via Instagram

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