You might remember Harry Styles from popular all-boy singing band One Direction and from his first single, Sign of the Times, that despite all of our thoughts, went number one in 84 countries the day of it's release. Harry Styles also walked once in the park with Taylor Swift, which gave us this song, this song and probably, this song.

Now here we are again, sitting before yet another solo Harry Styles track from his self-titled album, that we still must wait another 10 days for. Nevertheless it is a fresh delivery from Styles, which we can all appreciate, and is largely just another acoustic guitar-heavy track over which Harry pines in his dulcet tones. Also, you Harry's going on tour and tickets are available on Friday. Do with that what you will.

Or just enjoy these droplets of water making their way down Harry's spine into pink bathwater and wish Harry would, too, "bring you home".

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