Vince Staples has released a video for "Señorita," the first single off his upcoming debut album, Summertime '06. The video, directed by Ian Pons Jewell, finds Staples in a post-apocalyptic landscape, filled with terrified cops, seemingly endless bullets, and a man reciting Future's hook as a prayer to avoid death. When characters begin trying to escape the frame, the video hints at a twist at the end that, in its indictment of casual indifference to the absolutely brutal conditions of most of the characters in its setting (and, by extension, people in only slightly less exaggerated situations) reframes and clarifies the depths of Staples' project to create hyper-realistic rap for 2015. Watch the video below, and look for Summertime '06, out on Def Jam June 30. (And for an older video of Staples' that similarly engages with his voyeurism fascination, try "Screen Door," a track from last year's criminally underrated EP Hell Can Wait.)

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