YouTube star/model/pop star--the 20-year-old Troye Sivan juggles a lot of activities, whether he's on tour in support of his album or managing his 3 million YouTube followers. His debut album, Blue Neighbourhood, came out last year, and today we get a new video for track "Youth." Sivan throws the chillest house party a teen (or us, let's not lie) could hope to crash. There's Christmas lights, kitchen dance parties, foggy empty basements filled with heart balloons and a blanket fort lined with plush animals, where a bevy of beautiful young things make out and make friends. Oh, also there's Amandla Stenberg getting a DIY tongue piercing and an adorable dude for Sivan to flirt with throughout. Plus we could all use some Trump-skewering, LGBTQ-affirming swag declaring "Make America Gay Again."

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