First there was Kawaii Trump, and now we have net artist Mike Diva's fucking weird, 80s aesthetic-heavy Japanese propaganda piece for the Republican frontrunner, which depicts the strange, fantasized ascent of our least favorite layer of egg avatars -- and, reasonably, ends in a Transformer Trump blowing up the world.

Given vaporwave's tongue-in-cheek take on dystopian, mall-muzak capitalism, it makes sense -- even if a quick trip through Diva's social accounts indicates that he would probably prefer for us to say #vaporwaveisdead. Regardless of subculture classification though, the video's an indisputably fascinating trip through a pastel pink surreality that's very Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters meets Sailor Moon meets late 80s Taco Bell interior meets Tamagotchi. Watch it for yourself below and try not to get a case of the spins.

[h/t Dazed]

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