Watch This Unseen David Bowie Footage and Weep

Watch This Unseen David Bowie Footage and Weep

Magical, precious angel David Bowie left us much too soon and forever thirsty for David Bowie content, so thankfully here's some more: a new documentary on rock legend photographer Mick Rock (really his name!) contains candid Bowie footage and here's a little taste right now.

Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock has a whole heap of unseen archival footage featuring the likes of Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Syd Barrett and of course, David Bowie. In this snippet, Rock talks about his time photographing Bowie, while the the documentary cuts to Rock-captured footage of the superstar moving around his dressing room. It's freaking beautiful.

Shot! is scheduled to hit theaters April 7, but to tide you over until then click below and watch the full clip.

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[h/t Rolling Stone]

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