Getting on Jeopardy is an intensive process including a difficult quiz and multiple auditions, not to mention the studying you have to cram in if you're chosen, so once you're actually behind your podium you'd better make your introduction segment with Alex Trebek worth it. Academic librarian and Greenpoint resident Jill Locascio knew this and seized her one-on-one screen time with Trebek to invite him to her monthly DJ gig at Williamsburg's Metropolitan Bar. Trebek responds with a wan "alright," which anyone who has been to Metropolitan's free Sunday summer BBQs knows is a mistake. He could be dancing to Robyn in the sun with a margarita and some potato salad that's been sitting out, but no. Though she flubbed her final Jeopardy answer, Locascio still did New York proud, nailing a question about goths. The Village Voice has a fun interview with her that you can read here. Watch Trebek blow it in the clip above.
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