Most people can relate to going to a Walgreens or CVS at an odd hour of the night when the aisles are vacant and any person there is probably purchasing an embarrassing personal hygiene product. Usually in these scenarios, everyone, including the store clerks, seems sleepy and disinterested.

Wellllllll, in this skit for the Canadian Baron von Sketch Show, written by Monica Heisey and Meredith MacNeil, the store clerks are a little too in-your-face and in-your-vagina. Titled Private Vagina, the sketch is about a woman unwittingly attempting to purchase Monistat and her store clerk--who is also a woman-- getting a little too intimate with her. The clerk makes a series of invasive statements, like "you're experiencing vaginal burning," while the poor woman fields her concerns, until eventually blowing up on her and admitting the root problem: she wipes from back to front.

On Twitter, MacNeil had this to say about the issue of purchasing vagina-related products at the pharmacy:

Spoken like a true back-to-front wiper.

Watch the sketch below.

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