Mai Lee is a Saint Louis, Missouri-based artist who has worked with producers Bradd Young and Vega Heartbreak (Lil' Wayne, Kelly Rowland, Bone Thugs N Harmony and Yo Gotti) on her new anti-cheaters anthem, "Low Key," which puts a new spin on things.

Lee doesn't blame the "other woman." Her scorn is directed against the cheater, which is really refreshing.

Lee tells us that "Low Key" comes from experience -- "I made a record about my guy cheating on me. I did my detective work and I found out what was actually going on. And I took action."

The video for "Low Key" looks like a protest, with women taking to the streets to rally against a cheating man. The American flag and Vietnamese flag are featured prominently throughout, paying homage to Lee's heritage: "I am Vietnamese American to be exact," Lee tells us. "I wanted to tell my story about my pain and also about who I am and where I represent."

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