An official Tupac biopic has been indefinitely on hold for what feels like forever now, but thankfully Shakur superfans in China have created a DIY bootleg that we're desperately trying to find the full version of.

Dubbed Until The End Of Time and uploaded by one Tsalta Baptiste (aka Tupac in all the reenactments), it's one of the most dramatically soundtracked, shakily-filmed uploads we've seen in a minute, and is appropriately filled with dizzying cuts, fake explosions and a lot of sepia filters. Stylistic affronts aside, the narrative looks to be the main draw, as the screenwriters managed to fit in philosophy, sex and a parallel storyline that features an inspired Chinese school kid on a mission to make the baddest project on Tupac there ever was...with like, the bare minimum of actual Tupac tracks.

Watch the "official" trailer below, and take note that it's rated PG-13 for "blood, gore, cats, strong fluffy violence and feels."

[h/t Vulture]

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