Mark Reay is a 50-something fashion photographer, actor, model and the epitome of a silver fox.

He's also homeless.

Reay is the subject of a new documentary, Homme Less, that tells his unique story of shooting for Dazed & Confused and modeling in fashion commercials by day and sleeping under a tarp atop the roof of a friend's East Village apartment building by night. Directed by Thomas Wirthensohn, Homme Less aims to explore questions like "how far are we from losing everything, even our homes, and with it a part of our dignity and humanity? How often do we have to pretend that everything is in fine order to keep up the facade of being a well-off member of society? And how far are we prepared to go to take the financial pressure off our shoulders to live a more carefree live, the live that we want to live?"

The trailer shows Reay going about his day "keeping up the facade" and portrays a side to homelessness not often seen, one that involves an individual not plagued by substance abuse problems or mental illness but instead a series of unfortunate choices and events in a city that has very little room for those kinds of errors.

The documentary opens at NYC's IFC Center on August 7th and you can read more about Reay's life in a recent interview he gave to the New York Post.
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