The ladies of Litchfield are coming back. (Actually, since Netflix gave Orange Is the New Black a whopping three-season renewal in February, we could be checking in on Litchfield until 2019.) The latest teaser opens with some timely shots at everyone's favorite target, the Oscars. "Even when white folks try to be excited, they're still boring," Taystee declares and Black Cindy straight up says she fell asleep, which, considering the awards ran to midnight, seems accurate. When season 3 ended, Litchfield had gone corporate, the women had had a momentary prison break, and the prison was going to get even more crowded and cramped. This teaser doesn't offer us much information about the state of play. Sophia's still in SHU, Pennsatucky's quacking like a duck and Red is as imperious and unflappable as ever. Plus an ominous shot of a SWAT team unloading. Season 4 starts up on June 17.

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