Grizzly Bear's return from its four-year hiatus with Painted Ruins has been nothing short of remarkable. Lead singles "Three Rings" and "Mourning Sound" reminded us of why we loved the band in the first place, and production on the new album is overall more layered and complex than even past records. Now, the visuals for Grizzly's new single, "Losing All Sense" is here, and it features a dripping wet leading lady, surreal but strangely familiar scenes from a group dinner, and some super freaky masks. Frontman Ed Droste told Dazed, "The video is even more of a dichotomy – it's like David Lynch meets the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills meets Heathers or something. It's kind of campy and dark and surreal."

Check it out below:

[h/t Dazed]

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