The first season of rapturous (get it?) HBO drama The Leftovers had several moments of raw, unflinching beauty as part of its ongoing exploration of loss in the wake of a global disappearance that will never be explained -- particularly in the still-stellar pilot. Sadly, as with many other projects by executive producer Damon Lindelof, it turned out to be a house of cards, completely collapsing in its season finale as it transformed into offbeat, endless depictions of misery which only acquired a purpose under an extremely generous light.

For the second season, Lindelof and company can fully sweep the unsatisfactory conclusion of the first under the rug -- the show is moving locations entirely, in a move that means that it can choose to jettison as much of the cast as it wants. The new setting is a town in Texas that is apparently a big destination because no one was taken during the disappearance. Will that make it a holy place? A demonic one? Does anyone care? Do you want to spend 10 hours in Jarden? Start making your decision on these and other questions with the trailer below.

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