In a 2011 interview Paper did with director Albert Maysles, who passed away last week at the age of 88, the documentary filmmaker behind seminal cinema verite works including Grey Gardens and Gimme Shelter told us of his work, "it's [showing] the humanizing stuff, that I think is so worthwhile and so satisfying as a filmmaker ... People are people. We all share common ground, and I don't know of anything more important than that." Perhaps this outlook was why Maysles was such a master at turning his lens on eccentrics and radicals through out his career, and why it's so fitting that one of his final films is the upcoming documentary on "fashion iconoclast" Iris Apfel. Out in theaters April 29th, Iris chronicles the life of 93-year-old Apfel and her rise to becoming one of the fashion and design world's most irreverent and beloved icons. In this just-released trailer, we see her at home gently bickering with her 100-year-old husband and business partner, showing off her knee-weakening couture costume jewelry collection (there's Bakelite for days) and exhibiting a general fierceness that may we all be so blessed to boldly embody one day, let alone in our 90s.
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