Actor/Performance Artist/Huh?/OK sure I guess, Shia LaBeouf was on Sway in the Morning, where he stepped up to the plate on Sway's notorious Five Fingers of Death Freestyle challenge. And he was... really really good? Not like good-for-an-actor good. Like, good good. We're as surprised as you are.

It takes him a second to get warmed up, but at around the 3:00 mark he goes in, spitting about Kevin Costner, talking shit on Drake and the ghostwriting rumors ("It's trash rapping in October"), and shouting out the Missy Elliott tattoos on his knees. By the time he refers to himself as "Jewish 'Pac to this music with a twist of Whitman" you will be deceased. What... what exactly is happening here?

Watch in bemused amazement below...

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