Watch Mykki Blanco's Sensual Ode to Reality in the New "Loner" Music Video

By Annie Felix

After four tantalizing video teasers ("vignettes"), the music video for Mykki Blanco's "Loner" is finally here in all its sensuous glory.

A collaboration with Pornhub and Nicola Formichetti's Nicopanda, the video is a sensual meeting and juxtaposition of hyper-reality and surrealism; textures that you can almost feel collide with digital grain as Mykki Blanco's earthy baritone merges with Jean Deaux's dreamy backing vocals – symbolizing the disconnect between soft-beneath-your-fingertips reality and the intangible virtual world.

Dancers strapped in – and blinded by – VR headsets and robed in velvet, hungrily feel up their skin and clothes. For the generation that experiences the world through a screen, this video represents an almost sexual longing for reality, and the lyrics, the ultimate questioning of virtual intimacy.

What's a snapchat selfie to a real life smile anyway?

A feast of the senses, Mykki Blanco's video for "Loner" is the opposite of escapism – it's reaching out, touching, feeling, and being intimate with reality.

Check it out below.

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