After four tantalizing video teasers ("vignettes"), the music video for Mykki Blanco's "Loner" is finally here in all its sensuous glory.

A collaboration with Pornhub and Nicola Formichetti's Nicopanda, the video is a sensual meeting and juxtaposition of hyper-reality and surrealism; textures that you can almost feel collide with digital grain as Mykki Blanco's earthy baritone merges with Jean Deaux's dreamy backing vocals – symbolizing the disconnect between soft-beneath-your-fingertips reality and the intangible virtual world.

Dancers strapped in – and blinded by – VR headsets and robed in velvet, hungrily feel up their skin and clothes. For the generation that experiences the world through a screen, this video represents an almost sexual longing for reality, and the lyrics, the ultimate questioning of virtual intimacy.

What's a snapchat selfie to a real life smile anyway?

A feast of the senses, Mykki Blanco's video for "Loner" is the opposite of escapism – it's reaching out, touching, feeling, and being intimate with reality.

Check it out below.

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