As obnoxious and embarrassing as Wayne Coyne's antics can be (even with his Flaming Lips bandmates), his musical collaborations with his BFF, Miley Cyrus, have been generally great. Last night, the pair debuted a new song, "Tiger Dreams," as part of a show at Adult Swim's upfronts party at Terminal 5, while Miley was dressed as a butterfly. (During this awesome, awesome set, Miley also covered "My Neck My Back.")

For people who aren't TV nerds, upfronts are basically an extended marketing pitch for advertisers to buy time on networks, including presentations of new shows and parties (like this one). So most of the audience was too drunk, too dumb, and too douchey to fully appreciate what was happening. (Mostly I am salty because they obscured my view.) Watch Miley and Wayne Coyne perform "Tiger Dreams," because you deserve it and they did not.

Photo courtesy Getty Images for Turner.

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