Master of None is back for take two this May, and it comes with a romantic Italian twist. Comedian du jour Aziz Ansari's hit Netflix series promises international love, loss, and laughter in a new trailer that's set half in Rome, and half in Manhattan.

Featuring sweeping shots of lush Italian landscapes, fairy-lit dates, and ample disappointment, the newest trailer documents Ansari's character Dev as he navigates that contrast between riding-scooters in sweet sweet Italy and going on countless bad dates in New York's cesspool of a single-and-looking scene.

Watch Dev return to the New York Hustle (from - let me stress this – sweet sweet Italy) in a way that only Dev can – naively and sassily. With the trailer's tantalizing vignettes of late-night kitchen dance-parties, drinks by the Hudson, and celebrity cameos of everyone from John Legend to Angela Bassett to Bobby Cannavale(!), the hype for season 2 is built. And the best part? The real stars of the show, Ansari's real-life parents, will be returning to reprise their doting, scolding roles as Dev's folks.

Peep the extended trailer below:

[h/t The Fader]

Splash Image via Youtube Screenshot

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