That Lil B has managed to permeate American cultural consciousness without changing much about how weird he is (and without many people actually listening to his music) is nothing short of a based miracle, particularly when his presence in national discourse seems to revolve around his capacity to curse people. Particularly NBA players. If you need a refresher, or have gone this long without encountering the curse, it started with poor Kevin Durant, and has gone on to eclipse James Harden and now, possibly, Lebron.

As the NBA finals have gone on, Lil B has been an increased media presence, perhaps because of sports writing's love of attributing victories and defeats to totally intangible, implausible factors. While that sometimes makes for bizarre writing, it also leads to things like this gem, where Lil B appeared on ESPN's SportsNation last night to discuss which players are cursed and which are not. He is wearing a great blouse, chandelier earrings, and a periwinkle sun hat. On ESPN. Swag.

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