This weekend is the Super Bowl and we're pretty pumped to eat all day, drink all day and watch TV until our brains feel like room temperature soft serve. You know, how we usually spend our Sundays. T-Mobile just released its game day commercial, featuring our current cover girl Kim Kardashian, and though most Super Bowl commercials are usually just a combination of crazy special effects and dudes getting hit in the balls, it's actually pretty funny. Watch as Kardshian gives a PSA about the unused data most people unwittingly let go to waste on their phones (and which T-Mobile allows you roll over into the next month) and all of the Instagram selfies you're throwing away as a result. You could also be using all that leftover data, Kardashian notes, to spend more time looking at her Instagram, something 25.1 million people do every day. (Just for frame of reference, the entire population of Australia is 23.13 million.) If anything, this commercial proves Kardashian, indeed, has a sense of humor about her selfishness. And you said she didn't have talent.
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