Watch Kellyanne Conway's Painfully Awkward '90s Stand-Up Routine
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Watch Kellyanne Conway's Painfully Awkward '90s Stand-Up Routine

Haunted corn husk doll and counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway is good at so many things: getting malignant idiots elected to the highest office in the land, artfully spinning lies and spreading misinformation, not answering any questions about anything, cold cocking her enemies... but now we know that there is one thing she can't do (aside from pull off Gucci). Kellyanne Conway can't write a joke to save her goddamn life.

The Internet has unearthed a glorious clip from Kellyanne's pundit days, of her 11 MINUTE comedy performance from a 1998 event called "D.C.'s Funniest Celebrity Charity Event." She dons a red feather boa, she makes baffling jokes about being a "pundette" ("How many pundettes can you fit in the shower? I don't know, they keep slipping down the drain" WHUT?), she delivers a Letterman-esque Top 5 list filled with beltway references about why her foot is broken, sings an a cappella dirge called the "Pundette Blues" and the whole thing is just... wow.

Watch the dad jokes fly below...

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