Watch Kathleen Hanna Jam on the Beach in the New Julie Ruin Video

by Elizabeth Thompson

Last we left off with Kathleen Hanna and the Julie Ruin, the band was getting ready to release their debut album, Run Fast, and go on a big American tour. Six months later, the band's got more tour dates on the books for next month, and Hanna was the subject of the electric documentary the Punk Singer. And now, we've got a brand new video for the tender track "Just My Kind," from Run Fast, a love letter from Hanna to her husband Adam Horovitz with peppy keyboards and bongos. The clip features foota from the Catskills, NYC, Australia and Hawaii, including some amazing shots filmed by Horovitz of Hanna singing in the waves in her Minor Threat t-shirt. This is totally the "Drunk in Love" video Beyonce meant to make. Watch above. 

 [Via Stereogum]

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