In a video feature for W Magazine, Kanye discussed the connection between his art and his music, delivering an iconic threat to his naysayers:

"Very few people even knew that I have a fucking Ph.D. in art. And not that that would even make the difference, but me saying that makes the difference to the exact people I'm talking to. Shut the fuck up. I will fucking laser you with alien fucking eyes and explode your fucking head."

Oh, you mean these alien fucking eyes?

It actually comes off way more adorable than it reads. Then, a jarring jump cut to a completely different train of thought, that I welcome you to climb aboard:

"Another parallel: Elf. I'm the elf that's Will Ferrell's character that's too big for his hands to make the toys. But he wants to make the toys - why? Not just so he can play with them, but he wants to bring joy to the world. I am a creator, and it's my responsibility."

He then starts picking up steam on a classic Kanye-is-misunderstood rant, pausing briefly to perfectly close out his Elf metaphor perfectly: "I make the Christmas presents." "I make the Christmas presents" is the new "I am the one who knocks." Thank you for Kanye, Santa.

Watch the clip below...

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