Watch Junglepussy's New Video for "Me"

by Elizabeth Thompson

When we interviewed her last year, Junglepussy told us that "Me," the bonus track of her buzzy debut "Satisfaction Guaranteed," was the work she's most proud of:

I felt like I really needed to give the people a piece of me -- something I could listen to when I'm happy or sad. I don't listen to that much hip-hop surprisingly -- just a lot of jazz and ambient sounds, so I wanted this song to come from the soul. I pitched a tent in my backyard and was out there for a week straight -- sleeping and eating -- and the songwriting process was long and had a lot of paper scraps. When it came to me I was just like, "If this is not my heart and soul, I don't know what is." It's me, right now.
Her new video for the track gives us a multifaceted look ay what makes Junglepussy, Junglepussy: Talking to Oprah on the phone, using her Queens of R&B tarot cards, reading YA Moesha novels, swinging on a tire-swing in a head-to-toe latex look, and, later, getting arrested in a bodega. We all have different iterations of our selves -- some of them good, some of them bad and some that haven't changed since we were 13 - and Junglepussy knows that well. Watch above.
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