Watch Grimes' New Video, "REALiTi"

by Abby Schreiber

While we wait for Grimes to release a new album, the Canadian singer has been slowly teasing out new music (list this past summer's excellent, would-be Rihanna track, "Go") and today she's released the video for another new song, "REALiTi." On the YouTube description, she explains that the track is a demo from the sophomore album she scrapped and that it's not "mixed or mastered." After filming the video during a tour throughout Asia -- that included stops in Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Taipei, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo -- she decided to go ahead and release the song/video anyway as a tribute to her fans. Watch the clp, above, and see the singer hanging out in jungles, waterfronts, concerts and neon-tinged streets throughout Asia, above.
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