When we found out forward-thinking "ghettofuturist" Gaika made a pitstop in Atlanta to link up with the Awful Records crew earlier this year, we knew something big would happen. And turns out we were right, as Gaika's just dropped his new Father-directed music video for the meditative "Glad We Found It" -- and, holy shit, is it beautiful.

A moody, glitched-out take on the bathing sirens scene in O Brother, Where Art Thou?, it's a decadently dark twist on the goofy, offbeat excessivism of the Coen Brothers's original -- underscored by the themes of "isolation, internal struggle, and volatile relationships" that run deep within Gaika's recent SPAGHETTO EP. The third act in Gaika's three-part video series, it's an appropriately gorgeous finale that leaves us mystified, a tad melancholy and utterly mesmerized. Watch below to see for yourself.

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