The one and only funky intergalactic high priestess Erykah Badu, who is making some of the best fashion choices of her life right now, stopped by the New York Times yesterday for an impromptu interview and performance of her O.G. hits, "On & On" and "Time is Wastin." She was, predictably, incredible. After the performance, she took questions from the audience, which primarily revolved around cultivating creativity in these times of strife. One person asked Badu, "If your music was to galvanize people, what direction would you like to see us go in?"

Badu responded:

"Inward. Inside. I would like to inspire people to look within, go inside, and really be honest with ourselves and manifest that honesty and bravery to speak up for injustice through your art, or your words, or your writing."

When Badu says manifest, you manifest!

Check out her performance and Q&A below...

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